About us

MFOil B.V. (Mixing Factory Oil Ltd.) is a Dutch producer and the wholesale supplier of transmission and motor oils, hydraulic fluids and gearbox lubricants. Our company operates internationally. Within a short period of time our organisation has managed to market and position ourselves as a reliable supplier in the field of oils, lubricants and greases that guarantees quality and inviting dealer prices. The modern laboratory provides not only extensive quality control of our lubricants, but also analyses used oils which allows us to guarantee the quality during the entire lifecycle of the oils.

All our lubricants meet the requirements of the world's leading norms and standards in the field of quality:

1 ASEAN (Association of European Automobile Manufacturers),
2 SAE (Community of Automotive Engineers)
3 API (American Petroleum Institute)
4 JASO (Japan Automobile Standards Organization)

We are in possession of all the documents and certificates which are required to export our products to the above mentioned countries.