Gidra H32 HVLP
hydraulic oil

Oil containing additives for corrosion, oxidation and wear, as well as additives that increase the viscosity index (viscosity index> 140, pressure> 100 bar). Universal application, however, the greatest effect is achieved when using these oils in external hydraulic systems.

Type oil: Hydraulic

Type equipment: Warehouse | Construction | Agro

Classification: DIN 51524/3 (HVLP)

Packaging: 210l drum l 60l drum l 20l can

Meets the following OEM requirements:
⊕ U.S. Steel 126/127
⊕ VDMA 24318
⊕ Thyssen TH N-25613 2
⊕ SS 155434
⊕ Sperry Vickers I-286-S
⊕ Sperry Vickers M-2950-S
⊕ SEB 181 222
⊕ Hoesch HWN 2333
⊕ Denison Filterability TP 02100
⊕ Bosch Rexroth RE 90220
⊕ CETOP RP 91 H (HM)
⊕ AFNOR NF E 48-603 (HM/HL)

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Gidra H32 HVLP hydraulic oil is used as a working fluid in hydraulic drives, hydraulic transmissions and circulating oil systems of various units, machines and mechanisms that are part of the equipment: agricultural, construction, storage and earthmoving equipment. Approximately 70% of hydraulic system failures are due to the oil condition. Using high-quality hydraulic oil MFOil will reduce the operating costs associated with: - scheduled maintenance (oil change, filter replacement, system flushing, etc.); - major repairs of equipment (replacement of pumps, hydraulic distributors, etc.) A slight increase in the cost of purchasing a quality oil of 10-15% is compensated by saving costs for maintenance and repair of your equipment. 40% of such failures are directly related to the performance of the oil, 60% are related to the purity of the oil.

Density at 20°Ckg/m³ASTM D4052849
Kinematic viscosity at 40°Cмм²/сASTM D704232,4
Kinematic viscosity at 100°Cмм²/сASTM D70426,7
Viscosity indexASTM D2270170
Flash point°CASTM D92>211
Pour point°CASTM D97-39